Screen notifications for IOS

Hello, as a fresh Asana user I receive no screen notifications on my Iphone. I would like to be notified when a new task is assigned to me. ( not talking about email notification) All the notifications parameters are enabled on my iphone for this App. Any advices?

Hi @Kare_Eide and thanks for reaching out!

You should be able to enable push notifications on your iPhone following these steps:

Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hello, Marie

I’ve gone through all the steps from the info you sent. All the settings on my iphone are ok, but still I receive no push notifications of any kind. I’ve reinstalled the app and contacted support center for my ihone supplier. Push messages for other apps on this phone works perfectly. It is very important for me to enable the push notifications since I intend to use the Asana app for field workers… do you have any ideas of what to do?

Hi @Kare_Eide,

I’d recommend reaching out directly to our support team, they’ll be able to investigate this issue further for you!

If your notifications on your iPhone aren’t displaying the full preview of the content on your lock screen, here’s how to change that.
Tap on “Notifications.”
Select “Show Previews” at the top.
Tap on “Always.”

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