Notify me on my iphone of upcoming tasks


I’m new here. I use Asana to organize my life including my schooling, two businesses and my personal life. I also use it to coordinate with my colleague, business partner, best friend and husband (all the same person) our shared tasks. What I need is for my upcoming tasks (ones set with due dates/due times) to show on the lock screen of my iphone 6s. I also need for tasks he assigns me to show up on my lock screen. I do check my tasks and inbox several times a day, but I still like having the on screen reminders. Any way to do this? Thanks!


Hey @Triya_Smith! You can enable push notifications for your iPhone ( to reminded of tasks due Today, but you can also add Asana to the Today section of your notifications center (More info: Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


thanks! i already enabled that on my iphone. I just wanted to make sure there were no other options.