Save My Task view setting / filters

It would be helpful not to have to set up My Task view (e.g. sort by start date) every time it’s opened. Projects can have default layout, why can’t My tasks?
Advanced search filters can’t do this either.

We use the due date for publication date - so we either have to use subtasks to break up the steps but it gets a bit laborious. So a start date is helpful, but not if the due date is the default sorting.

Could creating a custome rule work for this? I know that ‘My Task’ default rules also sort by due date but maybe a creating a custom rule could work if you are a Premium user.

Hello @Jenny_Crowder,

for my tasks the view and filter you set will stay for when you visit it next time.

I have just tested this as well and did filter just by “incomplete tasks” and sorted per “created on”. Then I went in doing work in other projects and later came back to My Tasks and the filter was still as before.

Can you test it again please and check?

Otherwise try the troubleshooting steps


Yes thank you, I hadn’t noticed it before but yes it behaved like this for me so I wonder if new or maybe I’m mixing up with something else, so apologies.

Also for the suggestion about - rules. I thought they only affected fields of tasks, not view settings - but I’ll have a look. I tried an advanced search but the sort for that is only due date too.

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