Start date in filter


I have hundred of tasks and I constantly need to see only “active” tasks without seeing tasks planned in 4 months.

Having the possibility to show only tasks with a Start date in past is a critical feature for me.

Otherwise you need to tag manually tasks as Active, which is a waste of time.

us too. Finding this out was massive bummer.

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yes , i have noticed it too and i believe it is a critical feature.
i can only filter for tasks by due date and am unable to filter for tasks that were set to start today.
This is very odd and inconvenient as i would like to stay ahead and the best way to finish on time is to start a task on time.

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I know this is a very old thread but is there any update about this feature? I would like to list the tasks that are started today. I can watch the tasks that I am collaborating on via my inbox but when I clear my inbox and want to see what tasks have started yesterday or before that, I can’t list them together.

It’d be great to have the Start Date as one of the filter fields.

One more thing. Since this is a very old thread that I’ve awakened, maybe a solution/workaround exists for this scenario. Please let me know if there is one.


Hey @Tom_1234123124,

you can now already sort per start date if that helps

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Also hoping this feature will be added. I’ve come up with some project sorts and filters that I really like which enable me to see my tasks for today and the week, but there are tasks with a start day of today or earlier that don’t show up with the current filter options; “due today” “due before today”