Rules to sort tasks in My Tasks when assigned

I have a user who is wondering if there’s a way to have rules run on tasks when they are assigned that would sort them into the appropriate section based on due date.

She’d like to be able to avoid manually triaging the Recently Assigned section — so would I, tbh — by having a rules that do:
When: Task is added to My Tasks
Check if: Due date is within [ 3 days / 1 week / more than 1 week ]
Do this: Move task to section: [ Do Today / Do This Week / Do Later ]

But on the Check If, the only options for checking due date are all based on fixed calendar dates (which honestly seems like it would almost never by useful).

Has anyone found a way to work around this? And is there a product feedback submission I can vote on to have dynamic date options in the Check If section of the rule builder?

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