Rules stop working when a user is offboarded from Asana


We have found what I would consider a bug. We have projects where we add many users to a task when a new task is created in a project. What we have found is that the rule stops working if one of these added users no longer is part of Asana. The person had left the company - it shouldn’t really stop everyone else from being automatically added to the task, right?

The rule mentioned is “Task added to this project - add collaborators”


Hi @Finn_Stenberg, thanks for reaching out!

This is currently working as expected. We have a product request on this topic. I suggest you to upvote here: Include rules owned as part of deprovisionning a profile

When you deprovision someone who has Rules, their Rule will be paused and ownership of any Rules on projects will be passed to the Project Owner.

If there is no Project Owner, ownership will be passed to the Admin who deprovisioned the user. Only the new owner of a Rule can re-activate the Rule to have it continue running.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. I’ll make sure to update the main request if I have any news about this feature :slight_smile:


Just to clarify. The owner of the rule is not the person who has left the company. It is one of the users that was added as a collaborator.
When this user was offboarded the rule stopped working for all of the other 30+ users that were supposed to be added to the rule.

Does it make sense?

What that will mean is that if this person that has now left the company has been someone added into many rules, we must update all rules in every project where this person has been mentioned to be added as a collaborator. If we don’t none will be added. Doesn’t seem correct?


Thanks for getting back to me @Finn_Stenberg! I see what you mean, I believe the rule breaks when the user is no longer part of the company. Let me investigate this internally with our product team and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more details.

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