Include rules owned as part of deprovisionning a profile


Because people’s rules will be disabled once they are removed from an org, their deprovisioning project (with their tasks) should also include a list of rules they owned.

See Can't change owner or rule

PS: and also templates owned?

Hi @Bastien_Siebman, this is a great question! When you deprovision someone who has Rules, their Rule will be paused and ownership of any Rules on projects will be passed to the Project Owner or Admin. However, as you mentioned, the list is not added to the project shared with the Admins when the user is deprovisioned.

We don’t have immediate plans to add this option but I’ll keep this thread updated once I have any news! Thank for sharing your feedback!

Are they being notified so they can resume the rules?

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Unfortunately they are not notified in their inbox about this change. I’ll make sure to send this feedback to our product team so it can be considered in future updates!

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