[Rules] Set a start date based on the date the task was moved to another column

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In order to best assist you, could you please give me more details about your request? do you want to automatically set the date you started working on the task? :slight_smile:

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Yes, basically I want to have a trigger that when I move a task from a board, it sets the start of the task, I know there is a similar trigger for Due date.

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Sorry Emily, I messed up with the naming convention, Im looking to trigger a Start date when Im move a task within sections inside the same board:

the trigger should Take the Date when I move from the Inbox section to the assign section inside the same board

Hi @Nicolas_Coral, no worries at all! Thanks for getting back to me and confirm this information!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to automatically set Start Date/Date range using Rules. At the moments, you can only set up a trigger to add Due dates. I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to our #productfeedback category to allow other users to upvote for this feature :slight_smile:

I would love this as well for my team!

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Where is this within #productfeedback?

It is a necessary feature, and I would like to see what has happened to this request.

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Hi Emily,

I’ve also recently come across setting up some rules for my projects, and having a trigger based on the start_dates, not just due_dates, would be immensely helpful. One common use case that I think many folks can resonate is getting started on tasks ahead for larger projects with a long time difference between start and end dates - it doesn’t get so useful when it moves the task to a “work in progress” section 1 week before it’s due, when it requires 3 months of effort. Would love to see this getting implemented!

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Actually there is already a separate thread for that request; you can add your vote for it here:


Super appreciate it, thank you @Phil_Seeman !!

Checking on this, would be very useful for us!

I would really love to see this feature implemented! I’m using Kanban method, and we need to track when a task moves from the backlog to the In Progress column. Right now, we have to remember to set the Start Date when we move the card. It would be great to put a rule on the column to set the Start Date = Today when the card moves into the column.


Great point, @Jill_Huntsberger. A warm welcome to the community! :+1:


Where is the rule option to set the start date within #productfeedback? Is this being planned for a release soon?

Okay, :bear: with me here!

Let’s say you have two tasks. One is blocking the other. Once the first task is complete that is blocking the second task from being assigned, is there a way to create a rule that once a task is unlocked from being dependent, a due date range can be set?

It would be great to have an automated way to do this without needing another application.

Even if there was a way to control a series of tasks as they are complete, due date ranges are assigned to the following tasks. This would help with project managing and forming a Gantt Chart.

Even if this is not possible right now, please take this into consideration! It would be wonderful to have a way to automatically create a date range!

Thank you for any and all help that is given regarding this!

Welcome back, @Siobhan_Borowski,

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread so you can now vote at the top with the purple vote button.

If it helps, you can automate part of this: In My Tasks, you can set a rule trigger Task is no longer blocked and an action to add a comment reminding you to set the Start/Due date so you’re notified about this (if you’re the task assignee).

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This would be incredibly valuable for my team to be able to track our metrics toward our annual goals. We have our project set up so that each designer is able to pull new work from a centralized list of upcoming tasks as they have capacity. We do not need (or want) to track Actual Time, but do need to report on how long it takes us to complete a project from when it starts (when a designer pulls the task to begin working on it) without having to manually set the Start Date every time.

We have a section in a workflow board we have created called ‘Project started’ which is when we get the go ahead to start our work. It’d be good to be able to automatically populate the start date for that task once the task is moved to the ‘Project started’ section/column in the board. Thanks

At the moment rules in Asana don’t have the option to set a Start date, it would be useful indeed.

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This would be useful especially considering the Business features of having portfolios which show workload

Currently the workload view works best if you set a date range. So when our team moves something to the sprint backlog, we want to set the start and end dates of the task

Task history would be nice in general, not just as "start dates’ but really determining the amount of time a task sits in any particular section of a board.

How long has this been in the backlog?
How long has this been in progress?
How long has this been in QA?
where backlog, in progress, and QA are all section titles.
We have automation that moves tasks from one section to another when you hit Complete. I wish it would capture the date as well.