Rules not triggered by tasks assigned via a Template, still

This bug report was reportedly solved, but I am having the same issue. The OP described it perfectly, and the issue persists. When a task is generated as part of a project creation via a template, and the task is assigned to a user within the template, then said users’ rule with the trigger, “Task is added to My Tasks” does not execute. If this is by design, then please let us know that.

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Sounds like a bug to me as well!

Hi @JD_Jones, sorry to hear that you are experiencing this bug. I’ve reopened the investigation with our Developers and will get back to you once I have any news.

It appears to me that this is done by design because new projects and the tasks within them are created with a particular field already having an initial value instead of that value being “changed” after the project is created. It seems that the “trigger” is the changing of the field value.

Having the system allow new tasks to trigger rules may cause some unintended consequences…

If this is the case of “why” it is programmed in this way, then I have a suggested fix: Add another check box to the rule settings, " Allow this rule to be triggered by initial project creation".

I thought creating a trigger for, “task is added to my tasks” should work, but even that does not get triggered upon task creation when the task assignment is done in the template or by using a project role.

Hi @JD_Jones, thanks for sharing these insights. I don’t have a confirmation from our Developers yet, but they are working on this report and hope to have updates soon. I’ll keep you all posted!

Hey all! Has there been any updates on this? We are still seeing issues with tasks assigned via a template not triggering rules in “My tasks”.

Hi @Lovisa_Sjögren, sorry for the delay. I’ve checked the status of this bug, and I see that our Developers are currently testing a potential fix. If everything goes well, they should be able to deploy it within the next couple of weeks.

I’ll keep you posted!

Hi everyone, our Developers have confirmed that this issue has been fixed! I’ll close this thread, but if you need anything else, please let me know!


I just confirmed the fix with a test scenario. Thanks!


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