Rules in Project Templates to Add Tasks to Another Project

I have a Project Template. Some tasks below in other projects as well. Currently, as with assignee, any task that you ‘add to another project’ will show up in that other project.

Firstly, my request would be that they not show up in the other projects until the template is used. Just as the numerous requests to not have the assignee of said tasks see those template tasks in their My Tasks.

I was trying to work around this by creating a Rule that when a task is added to the project and a custom field is set (which I have for the department owner), add to another project. However, this also doesn’t work.

Use Case:
I often build out Master Project Plans that list all the scope for that outcome in a list view. This is for the Project Manager. Then I set up Doer projects for Design, Editorial, Dev, Video, etc. in a kanban board.

When I use the master project plan and set the field for the department (design, editorial, dev, etc) I want the rule to automate the add to another project. This works after the project is instantiated from a template when I manually change the field, however, I want it to automatically do so when the project is being created.

This is a workaround. I much prefer that any Project Template task assignee or add to project doesn’t take affect until the template is used as that would be the most logical.

Great suggestion! I voted for it, but I’m really voting for

and not so much the rules-based workaround. I agree the rules idea is a workaround and not ideal.

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