Rules for weekly sections clearing

Hi, I have section “This week done” and I would like to set automatic rule to clear (move to another section) the section every Sunday. Is this possible?


Hello @Lucie_Winnová
for the tasks in this section I assume they would have Sunday as the due date?
If so then you could set up a rule with the trigger of tasks in this section that are overdue. Rules • Asana Product Guide

Or you might only want to move completed tasks to another section?

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Hi @Andrea_Mayer,

the tasks in this section have various due dates (for example Tuesday, Wednesday after due date from previous weeks etc.) and I would need something like repetitive rule triggered every Sunday at 10:00 that would move all tasks from section A to section B.

Okay and the task status is complete?
Like if the due date was Wednesday, you attend to the task on that day and then mark it complete?
That might be the best trigger to use.
Or do you mean you want the tasks to be moved to another section and reopened as well?

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