Rule's action to assign a task to another project

In a rule, is it possible to have an action that assign a task to another project?

Use case: I want to have a goal project and would like to automate every tasks created in some projects to be shared with the goal project.

It doesn’t seem that adding a project to a task is one of the available actions. Can someone confirm that? Is there workaround? Thank you.

Hi @bnedev !

It sounds like you are on a Premium plan.
You will need to be on a Business plan in order to create such custom rules.

Hi @Richard_Sather,

We plan to purchase Enterprise licence. So can you confirm that what I said above is doable in Business and Enterprise plan?

Is there any reference of all triggers and actions available in each plan? Thank you.

Yes, what you mention is a custom rule to automatically ‘multi-home’ a task by adding/moving it into one or more other projects, available in Business and Enterprise plans. You can refer to the Asana guide here for more triggers/actions: Rules • Asana Product Guide

Hope that helps!

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