Rule Triggers based on specific individual

Currently, we cannot have a custom rule that triggers only when a particular individual or individuals do the trigger. Or not trigger when a particular individual does something. I think this would be useful. I have a rule that says to add me as a collaborator and notify me if a new task is made. However, if I am making the new task, I don’t want the rule triggered. thanks

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Hi @Raymond_Sheffield and thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback to allow other members of the community to support your feature request, and I’ll make sure to keep you posted here once I have some update on my end!

@Marie - I could be wrong, but it looks like maybe this wasn’t moved to #productfeedback.

Thanks for all you do, @Marie

Whoops! Thanks @Bry_ProjectKickstart, I just fixed it!