Rule to create Projects From Template pauses rules

Hello team,

I have created a submission form that uses a project rule to create a task. When a task is added to the Form’s “Home project”, that Task automatically converts to a project. The rule is very simple, and looks like this:

All of the above goes off without a hitch – the rule creates the task in the Form’s “Home Project”, and is subsequently converted to a project.

The problem is, all the rules in that new project are PAUSED by default, as shown below:

I did find a number of threads from within the last year saying this happened with new projects that are created from templates, see example below:
Continuing the discussion from Rules moving tasks are paused in projects created from templates:

But all of those threads I found appear to have been fixed semi-recently, and I have tested the template I am using – this does not happen if the project is created straight from the template, so it seems as though the issue isn’t 100% fixed.

This issue adds a ton of extra work and upset customers should someone forget to turn on all 18+ rules whenever I assign a new project to them, so I’m a little dead-in-the-water on this; Ease for customer = Extra Steps in workflow, and possible misses, for employee.

Please, if there is a way around this problem, I’d love to hear about it!


I am experiencing this issue as well, something that essentially defeats the purpose of creating the rule in the form at all. Would love to see a fix or solution!


We ran into the same issue last week and talked with support about it. As of today, this is expected behaviour.
The only solution we found: create a task in the template used to create the project saying “Resume all rules”…

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I was afraid of that. I don’t understand how these bugs, which are clearly bugs and disrupt workflow, can be called “expected behavior” up until the point they finally fix it; then it’s billed as a new feature.

I appreciate that solution. I will certainly give it a try, but I am not sure adoption of Asana on my team is going to be where it needs to be with this issue. If it isn’t, then we certainly can’t justify continuing to pay for it.

I am also having trouble to understand why this would be an expected behaviour :person_shrugging:

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As seen in the capture screen, when I create a new project from a template all the rules are actives.

But within 3 minutes someone else create another project using the same templates but there are some rules that are PAUSE why?

This is a real pain if we need to check each time to make sure all rules are running as expected.



Hi @Phil_Seeman how could this be expected behavior when it’s not the same behavior for all members?
And why aren’t all the rules being paused but only a few?

Hello everyone,

Good news, I think I found why the rules are paused when creating a project by some users. In fact, it’s because the users in question do not have the necessary access/permissions to perform the actions.s but, they have permission to modify the rules.

In my case, the user who created the project was not a member of some teams in which the recipient projects reside. Since it is impossible for him to create a task in a project belonging to a team of which he is not a member, the rule is paused. So far we can say that this is expected behavior when it comes to user permissions.

Except that given that guests can also trigger rules, so these should normally override user permissions. Currently, this is not the expected behavior of the rules.

But, giving permission to other members to be able to modify the rule therefore requires that they have the necessary access/permissions to the elements contained in the rule. We go back to user permissions and that’s why the rules is paused.

To be tested if indicating that only the owner can modify the rules will guarantee that they are activated and adopt the same behavior as vis-à-vis a guest when creating a project by any member.

Sorry for the inconvenience but, maybe this will shed some light on why this is happening… More details here.


Thanks for sharing the result of your investigation!

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