Rolling up Sprint Duration Estimates with Custom Fields



I may be jumping the gun here, but I’d love to see some way to “roll up” or summarize data entered into custom numerical fields on tasks. (Hey, you had to know someone would be asking for this next, right?). Specifically, we are using tasks to capture software user stories with estimated durations for each task. If there was some way to summarize the total duration across all tasks at the Section or Project level, that would amazing for us! Yes, I know we can put number in brackets and use the Hack, but that doesn’t quite cut it. Just thought I would put in the request first. Thanks!


Meant to say “custom” numerical fields not “customer”


I think exactly the same. It would be nice be able to summarize custom fields… In my case, exactly for the same thing :smile:


Great news, @MattO and @alfonsomoure. You can get aggregates of number fields in projects if you multi-select all the tasks you want to see an aggregate of. This can work really well with advanced searches or in projects.

Is there another place you would want to see this information aggregated in an ideal world?


Yes, ideally, it would be aggregated and summarized at the top of the column in a view and / or at the section level. This would be ideal from a UI experience.


just wondering if there is any plan to add this feature.