Roles for Task Templates

I’m finding the Roles functionality in Project Templates incredibly helpful, but it would be great to see similar functionality in Task Templates too.

Hey @Peta would love to know the use case for this. Is it more for the subtasks?

@Danielle-GenD, yes, definitely for subtasks which need to be assigned to a variety of people. This week I’ve worked on a couple of different task templates with clients where the list of tasks is not quite long enough for a project template. They’ve included a list of subtasks when presenting at a conference (roles would be Presenter, Assistant, and Designer) and offboarding a contractor (roles would be HR Manager, IT, and Line Manager).

Being able to add relative dates (other than from the date the task is created would also be very helpful)

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@Peta_Williams I would say it sounds like a deadline driven projects in my opinion. I sometimes use single select custom fields to mimic the job role function but again as subtasks you cannot really have the functionality.

Hi @Ariel.Nicolás.Pont I would say this ask is actually a different request so going to move it into it’s own

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@Danielle-GenD Yes, these are sometimes borderline whether they should be projects. Often it’s only 4-5 tasks in the list so doesn’t seem worth it. When the processes become more involved, I definitely recommend a deadline drive project using a project template