REVIT to ASANA. Construction Planning BIM with Kanban & Gantt Chart

:building_construction: My new course on Udemy: How to export Revit Data in ASANA and translate volume of the building elements into final Cost and Time.

:raising_hand_man:t2: #Dynamo (#Grasshopper, #Rhino.Inside) - these tools help us work with Big Data in the construction industry. In this tutorial, you can take the first steps in data processing with a small project and you can try to take the first steps in Dynamo .

:package: You receive 2 Dynamo Scripts, Project Template (.rvt) and Excel Files.
:mag: I’ll talk about #Dynamo, and you will understand why such tools will change the rules of the game in the construction industry .

Article on LinkdIn: REVIT to ASANA. Kanban and Gantt Chart in Construction Planning

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@Artem_Boiko Hello,
Do you export to the data through a node (like raindrops, but to asana) or do you use CSV?
In case there is a node i would be interested

Thanks in advance for your answer