Revert to previous project list view on Team Page - Current view shows archived projects and it's out of order

I was just getting ready to contact the Head of Customer Success on LinkedIn. It appears that as of now, archived projects have again been hidden. Maybe things are back to normal! Phew!

Just received this from support: “I’m pleased to inform you that we’ve received an update from our development team indicating that they have disabled the experiment responsible for the changes you’ve been experiencing. As a result, you should no longer encounter the issue that was affecting your project list.”

It’s not reverted yet for me, but I’m hoping it will be fixed by morning!


Asana was responsive to our feedback!

They have disabled the test.

Our platform is back to normal!


Thank goodness the changes have been reverted. If only I could get back the hours of my life I spent pinning the hundreds of active projects and organizing their order so that they weren’t lost in the mix with archived projects.

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Hi @Emily_Roman,

It appears that there’s also been a recent change to the list of projects on the Team landing pages, which allows for sorting by creation date, last modified, due date…? Is this also a part of the April release?

While I’m typically over the moon with the improvements that your development team implements, I have to admit… this one had my heart racing in frustration. Ack! What a miss!

Do we simply no longer have the ability to sort our projects in the custom sequence that we know and love? I’ve spent countless hours putting our projects into alpha-order, creating hierarchy, color coding, and sequencing our projects so that they are easy to locate in our list and make sense to the viewer. Will custom sequences be an option when sorting? or is the list shown in my screenshot final?

My fingers, toes, and eyeballs are crossed with hope for our beloved custom sorting to return!

Thanks for your consideration,


So pleased they have changed this back! It was crucial for us that we can archive projects and therefore see all active projects clearly. Thank you!

Hi everyone and thank you so much for letting us know how this change has impacted your workflows. We hear you and appreciate your feedback.

We will be temporarily unshipping this experience to address the issue with archived projects. In the coming weeks, we will add an option to filter archived projects. And with that, we will be re-introducing the new project sorting functionalities within the Teams page. This change is critical in unblocking further enhancements and will not be reversible. You will only be able to manually drag and drop projects that are “pinned” to the top of the project.

To help inform further updates to this experience, please let us know which of these would be the most useful to you:

  • ​Easier batch pinning of projects
  • More sorting and filtering options
  • Quick way to search for projects within the team page
  • Other (share your idea in the comments below)
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It would be mandatory for archived projects to continue to be “hidden” from each team. It is my case (and I believe that of many) that at the end of a project it is archived to only view those that are in progress.

It would also be desirable if they could be sorted manually although I understand that this is going to disappear.


Thank you for adjusting the archived projects! Mine has not yet updated, but hoping it will soon based on others sharing theirs have.

Manual sorting has been critical for our team as well, and I am curious what the new features are that will make this impossible? We have a very specific way we organize the order of our projects that can not be defined by ‘typical’ sorting options, as I am sure others do as well.


I am also curious about this, as I have relied on the custom sequence as well.


Our team also found this update incredibly challenging. There is no need to see our archieved projects mixed in with all our current projects - would appreciate changing the auto view back to what was formally structured for the side bar menu.

I was also surprised to see our projects are now out of sequence and can’t be moved to previous custom locations. Can we PLEASE get this feature back?


Multiple sorting options and being able to set them at the same time would be ideal. For example, if you could sort by category first, then within those categories by alphabetical order. Or another example could be by date and then category, allowing us to choose the top sorting priority and the sub-sorting within the previous sorting rule.

The way I sort my projects is numerical/alphabetical order. I also have some projects which are of different categories, so those get bunched together and sorted in numerical/alphabetical order within these bunches.

Since there is no way to give projects tags or categories within a given team and no way to sort automatically by numerical/alphabetical, I just do it manually by dragging them into place, which has worked fine for me. If there were ways to sort projects by multiple criteria like numerical/alphabetical, and grouped by category/tag at the same time, that would be the best scenario for us.

Of course archived projects should not show up on the list together with non-archived projects, but I move archived projects to a separate team anyways so this issue never showed its face to us in the update.

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@NicoleK , @Melissa_Jerome , @Krista_Daly , I’ve moved your posts into this thread where others have expressed their concern with this update (including myself!).

Please see @Marie 's post above.

  • see project custom fields and sort/group by those.
  • Save multiple team views.
  • sections and sort within
  • Create a default team view with option for folks to create their own custom view that doesnt override the default team view set by an admin.
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Manually pinning hundreds of projects and re-sorting them into the sequence that we had previously sorted and enjoyed is an incredible inconvenience, time suck… and not a long term solution.

Why not pre-pin all of the projects that we’ve already sorted, at least? Rather than entirely removing the sequence that we’ve already setup? and why require us to re-sort/re-pin the projects that we’ve already spent so much time perfecting?

A smoother, less disruptive transition to this new functionality would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t understand at all why a feature like this would be deleted. You don’t just learn people to work with a feature and then delete it without any communication…
Very unsatisfied with the way of working and communicating of ASANA … again.

Hello @Julie_Francq and sorry for the inconvenience caused here. Just to clarify, we haven’t formally chnaned anything, this was just a test (which we have stopped following the feedback received from our community). You can learn more about it in my previous comment. I hope this helps!

Someone mentioned sorting by colour, and this would be something which would help us a lot.

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