Can we move archived projects to a completed group? Remove from current project list without deleting?

I have many small projects that can be completed in just a few days. Once complete and archived I need them removed from the current project list. I’ve tried creating a completed projects team and moving it to there. The only option I can find is to delete it but I don’t want it deleted.

Welcome, @Mark_Barrett,

Did you try archiving the project? That’s done in the Project action menu > Archive. I did that here (and now it shows Unarchive to reverse it):

Which current project list specifically are you talking about? The Home widget showing Recents, or left sidebar (that’s an Alpha test running), or something else? I believe the above will help by either removing, dropping to the bottom of the list, and ultimately getting removed from Recents.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Larry

I had archived them but they still appear on the left in the projects list. I’d like to move them out of there and just have current projects listed there.

I created a completed jobs team and moved it to there but they still show in the current project list. I can’t find a hide or anything else to remove them without deleting them.

In a year’s time I don’t want 4 or 5 current projects and over a hundred archived projects sitting in that project list.



Do you see the menu with Top project and Recents?:


Which one (or both) cause the problem for you? When I tested last night I recall seeing the archived project drop to the bottom of the list (maybe I was using Recents, can’t recall) and figured it would drop off eventually.

Can you provide your feedback on this, perhaps referencing this thread, in either of the two ways mentioned here:

Note: For me, the Share feedback in the left sidebar is way down at the bottom now.