All my Archived projects just disappeared

I have a team called Archived Projects. Once the last invoice is paid and all the tasks are completed, the project is archived and moved to this team. I went to check it today and all of the projects are gone. I don’t want to freak out, but that’s a pretty big deal. Has this happened to anyone else? if so, did you find where your projects went?

This happened to me, but under the folder there is now a filtered for archived projects. They are completely separate. It’s not ideal for my team, and we may just stop archiving things so we can actually see them all.

Hi @Nicole_Murphy , welcome to the forum :wave:

Look for the filter in the top right of your projects list within a Team page

Yeah, this is totally frustrating for my workflow. We move back and forth between active and archived projects…having to toggle this from Active to Archived each time I change teams, or need to see all active and Archived projects is very annoying. Two thumbs down on this change.

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Hi Steve, welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your frustration.

I have found that if you toggle it once to ‘Archive’, the filter will stay like that for all the subsequent teams that you visit, so you only need to toggle it once to view all archived projects in various teams, and then toggle it back to see all active projects.

Hope this helps!

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Wow, that’s surprising!

I just confirmed that behavior. I say surprising because I wouldn’t expect Archived to be the default for Team B, C, D, etc. pages just because I looked at archived projects for Team A. But the filter is fairly prominent with a light blue background in the table header, and just one click to change for all subsequent teams. Still, I would have expected it to either just default to Active always, or remember the setting team-by-team, but not what we have now which may trip up some folks.



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