Reversed workload, to track workload goals instead of overload

At iDO, we have a workload goal: we want to do at least X hours of paid consulting work per day (I’ll keep X secret). We built our business plan around this value.

We are using the Workload feature to follow our progress towards this goal and invented the concept of “Reversed Workload”, here’s how it works!

:one: First, you need a way to track work. We have a project for paid sessions, and each task gets a “duration” custom field.

:two: Second, we created a portfolio with this project, and chose our field as the effort within workload.

:three: Third, and that’s the trick, we chose capacity for our team members based on our X. If you want to do 2 hours of paid work per day, that’s 10 hours per week, so capacity should be 9.99.

:rocket: By choosing a capacity slightly below the target, your Workload will become red as soon as you reach your goal, making it a “reversed workload” because you want red everywhere.

How cool is this? :exploding_head: