Retain comments on recurring tasks

Hello guys, our team of 3 just migrated from todoist to asana at the start of the year and we’re loving it!

One thing that’s bothering me is; Is there a way to retain comments for recurring tasks?

So one of my tasks is to optimize facebook ads for our clients and I have created a recurring task for this; 3 days a week.

Each time, when I make a change to the creative, copy or anything else on facebook ads,I need to be able to write down what change I made so at the end of the month, I can make a report sharing what optimization changes were made & at what dates.

On Asana, I write these changes on the comment section of the task but each time i complete a task, the comments disappear. What can I do about this?

Hello @hamzaar

I believe there’s no way to do this at this moment. But perhaps the automatic comment with the link to the previously completed task might help?

If you want to go back to older tasks and see the history of comments, just click on the link provided in the comments.

But with this workaround, you will have to go through all the past tasks one by one to see the comments, which is actually inefficient. On the other hand, I also see that it could be messy to see everything. So perhaps a good solution might be to make the comments from past tasks collapsible.

Similar to this:
But dedicated to comments from past tasks.
Show x updates from past recurrences


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Hey thanks for your reply!
I noticed that I could go to previous tasks with the update on the new task, however how did you do this: “make the comments from past tasks collapsible.”?

Ahh, no. That’s not possible (yet, maybe). I was just thinking that if it showed the past comments, it should be collapsible so it doesn’t look messy.

At the moment, it does collapse the small updates (or very old updates) into a message link “Show x previous updates”.