Restricting Task Editing based on country.

Hi Team, We have multiple projects in Asana based on the origin(Country). We are planning to move all the tasks in one single project. We would like our new project to have following features.

  1. Anyone can add task in that project.
  2. We are planning to have country as custom field to filter out the tasks.
  3. Members from the same country should be able to edit the task. For the rest of
    the members, it should be a view only or comment only task.

Please a let me know if we can set theses kind of restrictions on task level instead of project level.

Welcome, @Amit_Sharma1,

I’m afraid you’d need multiple projects to achieve what you’re asking; it can’t all be done at the task level.

Some info is here:

and more on other levels of permissions in the Asana Guide.

I think with a project for each country, and project members assigned as you want them, and tasks multi-homed into both the common project and the specific country project, you could achieve what you ask.

With the Business or Enterprise plan, you could possibly automate the multi-homing.

With a form, you can allow anyone to add tasks.

Hope that helps,


Thank you so much for the information. It was really helpful.

Amit Sharma

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