Restrict Guest permissions

Long time premium user.

+1 to locking down Guest permissions / scopes. The data is there (Guests, Hidden Teams) – it’s quite obnoxious for that dropdown to ask if we want to add a Kevin.

It’s also very cumbersome to manage users as a whole. Guests can invite other guests – leading to all sorts of stuff you can’t control what you’re paying for!

If guest accounts could be locked down in a few ways, we’d appreciate it!

  1. Guests shouldn’t be able to create projects on a team.
  2. Guests shouldn’t be able to invite others to a team (or delete users from a team)
  3. Guests shouldn’t appear in auto-suggest at all. Specially since auto-suggest adds that person to the task instantly!

I started evaluating the Premium version today and this issue seems like a deal breaker to me. So I have 1 organization and several teams. Each team represents either a client, or subcontractor. They all have dedicated projects inside respective teams. I obviously don’t want members of one team to be able to assign tasks to members of another team. Right now, if I’m a member of Team A, somebody in Team B can assign a task to me, even if I’m not part of that Team B explicitly.

The second issue is Guest Control. If I’m a guest in Team A, I can then invite other guests to the same team. This sounds like an immediate breach to me. There has to be some level of control for what guests can and cannot do. Right now it’s wide open to anybody within a team.

Any thoughts?

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Hi @Kirill3 and @toobulkeh! I have moved your posts to a new #productfeedback thread to allow other users to vote for the feature requests you have outlined; hope that’s ok! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

Yes please… guest controls would really go a long way for us being able to work with clients and people who we only want to see small parts of these projects.

The comment only feature is great, BUT, they can still create projects, still see all comments and invite other guests… and technically, if they invited other people on our domain, we would have to pay for those users or boot them.

I tried creating a 2nd project to do comments that the guest wouldn’t see by multi-homing the project, but that didn’t work. We may need to have communication about a project without the client/guest seeing those comments.


Just adding/clarifying that having guests for one project be added universally to the @ list for all projects even across teams has led to some human error gotchas which impacts our business. Adding a notable +1 to this effort.


When marking up comments on images, often not all of them should be seen by the client or guest collaborator. Currently the only option is to create a new task or project for the guest, then re-upload the images and rewrite the mark up comments that are relevant to them.

It would be good once you add a guest to a task, for them to only see the subtasks (the mark up comments) that are assigned to them, and all of the others aren’t visible to them.

This saves creating a new task or project for the client, re-uploading the images and rewriting all the markup comments that are relevant to them.

Welcome to the Forum @John_S and thank you for sharing your suggestion with us!

If you don’t mind, I’m merging your post with an existing thread we have regarding this topic to consolidate feedback. Please don’t forget to add your vote by clicking on the vote button next to the title.

Have a great Thursday John!

Hi Natalia,

Thanks, and no problem. My post is specific to viewing proofed comments (subtasks) that are assigned to only the guest, but it’s all a permission issue so I’ll vote and look forwards to how it develops!



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I might be missing something obvious here, but I was under the impression that if a guest was added to a project or task, then they would have the same functionality that you do as a business team member for that project or task.

We are a business team of 15 (not an enterprise), and I need to add a guest to a task to view the feedback that we have added to images via the proofing tool. I can add the guest to the task via the “assign” box in a task, the guest can see the subtasks that the proofing tool generates, but they can’t view them on the image directly. It pops up a message telling them they need to be a business user.

I then thought to add them to a new project I created just for them so I could copy over the task to there and see if it was just a problem with sharing just a task. But then I found that I could not add a guest to a project at all. It gave them a warning that they needed a company email.

Are guests, in fact, not available to add to a project or task in a business team with proper functionality? This is an essential part our workflow for our new asana team.


Note: Partial solution

This is an available option for the Enterprise plan.



I’m wondering how we can limit the access of guests in Asana.
In particular one of our guests created a new project. I only want them to be view/edit the projects they’ve been added to.


On the Enterprise plan you can set certain permissions for Guests.

I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button. See the partial solution here for more info.