Resource Management Design


Because Resource Management ie, how much work is assigned to an individual(s) is so prevalent in project management at a bigger corporate level, I can only assume that Asana is either working on this or has it on their radar. In the meantime, it would be good to know if there are workarounds, ie custom field etc. But also I would like to understand what people think has to be captured to create a truly functioning resource management tool. I also don’t know if Instagaant is working on this. So here are some thoughts on required data fields and questions:

  1. Fundamentally as only one assignee owns each task, there must need to be a mechanism to allocate work to other people. This has to come I presume from duplicate tasks or allocating time to followers?
    2.Must have a Start Date
  2. Must have an estimated hours to complete
  3. Must have % of time assignee and whoever is working on task will allocate to the task
  4. Could have custom fields solution but might need to have the ability to do inter-custom field math calculation for instance CF-Hours To Complete X CF-Time Allocation =CF Assignee Hours. Again this would have to be captured for anyone working on the project.

I know that Resource Management software exist and am a little suspect that this is solved better by an integration such as Harvest or Everhour but would love to hear other’s feedback or even a mock up of what a Resource Report should look like.


Thanks @James_Carl - We are hoping to get this resourcing tool confirmed as well.
We are a small team that need to allocate staff time across multiple projects to ensure there is no overlap and delays, so would love a feature like this. The timeline is great for one project, but there is no overview of staff allotted hours across all projects.


Hi @Jess_W - Thanks for this post!

I’m a User Experience Researcher here at Asana and I’d love to dig into more about your resource management needs as this is something we are currently thinking about in our product. If you think you’d like to talk to me more about this and provide feedback on some new design concepts we’ve been thinking about, can you fill out this form with more information and I’ll follow-up with you from there.

Thank you!