How we use Asana for resource management in a digital marketing agency

I thought I’d add a few notes on how we have solved a lot of our resource management issues in Asana. This has taken us a long time to get to, and we are still not 100%, but we have made huge strides. I suspect this work will be superseded by the coming features to the business plan we are now on!

We are a digital marketing agency with a mix of project and retainer work. Projects can be ‘build a website over 6 months’. Retainers can be ‘write a blog post (or 50) per month’. We have writers, designers, developers, account managers, all using Asana in their own teams.

In a nutshell (and dump of info) here is how we are doing what we do:

  • We use tasks, not sub tasks for everything we want to track time on
  • We have a custom field of ‘estimated time’ for hours
  • This is mandatory (via company policy) for all work of over an hour
  • We use Velocity ( to then track (weekly or monthly) how many hours of work people have
  • We include a ‘holidays and time off’ project in Asana as well (with hours against it) to help planning for absences

Hope that helps, happy to answer questions if anyone has any.


Thank you so much for sharing this helpful example of how you’ve structured your Digital Marketing agencies work in Asana @Chris_Wright.

I’m sure many others will find this super helpful, thanks again! :blush:


Thank you, @Chris_Wright. Do you also use any additional time tracking software or just the estimated hours?

Good question. Right now we use this system to track, in advance, how much work we have on. We don’t track how much work has been done no.

I’m hoping the new resource features coming as part of the business plan will help us here? @Cathya?

Thanks for the reply @Chris_Wright, we’ve noted your feedback in regards to time tracking within Asana.

In regards to whether this will be something included in the Business tier please note that at this time we don’t have any additional information in regards to whether this will be a feature included, but will definitely pass it onto our Team to consider for future developments.

Hope this helps! Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Thanks, @Cathya and @Chris_Wright! We’re excited to see the new resource features, too.

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I was referring to the general ‘resourcing’ features. when can we expect to see those in the business plan? i upgraded my entire company, and company soon seems vague!

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