Reset My Tasks to default?

I tried using some of the tips and hacks to organize My Tasks by creating and renaming sections, but something has gone wrong. I cannot find/restore “recently assigned.” I created rules to move things to “Today” or “Upcoming” but the rules never run. I tried deleting any sections I could while keeping the tasks, but now I’m left with “Later” and “No Due Date” and no idea how tasks are assigned to these sections. Is there a way I can reset My Tasks to the most recent default settings that were released in the last several weeks? Thanks for the help!

I don’t believe you can. I suggest you recreate manually the existing ones, then assign a task to yourself and see where it lands. And then get back here for the rest of the discussion :slight_smile:

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One thing people oversee is the fact that it retroactivity DO NOT run. It applies to tasks that become “due today” at midnight for example. If it was due yesterday when you created the rule, it won’t do anything.


Thanks @Bastien_Siebman. Sadly, I cannot re-create when something is “recently assigned” without a rule in place that my level of subscription doesn’t have available. As for assigning this to “today,” “upcoming,” and “later” I guess I’ll just have to find (make) time to become one with my list and organize it manually. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something I really hoped could be helped along with the My Tasks sections.

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