Requiring Use of Tag in Task

Hi - I am wondering if when creating a task, before closing Asana can prompt the user to tag someone? Thanks!

You mean force the user to assign someone? No, but with Rules you can automate one.

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Welcome to the Forum @Wesley_Gross and thank you for reaching out?

From what I understand you are wondering if it is possible to make the assignee or collaborator a mandatory field during the creation of a task, correct?

As it stands, there isn’t a feature to make fields mandatory in a task.
But as @Bastien_Siebman suggested, if you have a Premium Account, you can use Rules to automatically assign the task or add a collaborator when a task is added to a project. Please see screenshot attached.

I hope this helps Wesley! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question !

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Thank you both for your responses! But I’m specifically asking about tags, not collaborators (I’ve figured out how to set the rule for collaborators). Currently I am using tags to indicate who has to review or take action on a task, and once someone is ready to pass the task to someone else I want them to put a new tag (tab t) and I’m wondering if before the task is closed, can Asana remind or require a tag to be updated or confirmed. Kind of similar to a form that has required fields. Thanks again!

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Thank you for the clarification @Wesley_Gross!

As it stands, there isn’t a feature to remind or make a field mandatory in a task. There is an existing thread in the #productfeedback category regarding this topic: Required field to be filled in before allowing a task to be "completed". I would suggest you to add your comment and vote!

In case you have missed it, I would also recommend you to have a look at Approvals, a new type of task we have recently launched: You might find it helpful :slight_smile:.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question Wesley! Have a great weekend!