Mandatory to fill in fields in a task before you can mark it complete

Is it possible to create fields that are mandatory to fill in before you can mark a task complete?
We have several tasks that “Mr. another person” always forgets to fill in the required text in fields and they complete the task with missing field description. We are trying to integrate it, but it would be nice to not be able to complet the task before this was executed, everybody will quickly learn the reason why they cant complete the task, and fill in the required field text.

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Yeah I was experiencing the same problem in our team. I have amended some fields to be single or multi-select drop downs that the team has to fill (for specific things such as was xx or xx done) and if nothing is selected and the task is marked complete then the Asana rule opens the tasks again, adds a comment and assigns it.

Now for text or number fields that is not really possible.

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Thx Andrea !

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Hey Andrea,

Can you explain how you set up this rule. This would be really helpful for my team. Thanks!

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Sure so here is an example:
We have a single select custom field with options. This field was added to ensure a recipe is always added to a document as well


Now let’s assume the person working on the task forgets to add it on the recipe document then they obviously also would not make a selection for this custom field.
This means if they close the task nobody would notice. Hence why we set up this rule:

Triggers are: task being marked complete and nothing has been selected for the custom field.
Actions are: the task is being reopened, assigned and a comment is added.

I hope that helps

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