Mandatory Custom Fields Filling

I would like to have custom fields that are mandatory/required to fill upon adding a new task to that project

Hello, did you determine how to make a custom field mandatory? I also need to be able to do this but I can’t find this ability which appears to be a significant weakness in the Asana product for custom fields.

Agree with this. One of the problems is that people don’t fill in custom fields (accidentally) which directly influences the quality of your reports. I can’t believe it still isn’t done.

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Would definitely be useful, making it “required” is maybe hard to implement, in the way that you don’t want to block a task’s creation because something isn’t filled, but some kind of warning or notification about what’s not done properly would definitely improve quality overall.

This would help a lot to avoid human errors when tasks are created that require certain fields to be filled out.


Are there any plans to support custom fields that can be enforced as input when creating a task?

The ability to configure custom fields for tasks is a great feature but it only supports optional field input. There is no way to set up a custom field and ensure that for every task created, the task creator populates the custom field.

Any feedback appreciated.