Mandatory Custom Fields Filling

+1 for this with a caveat… I would like to require all newly created tasks to be put into a Project. I imagine this would be done at the Team level with a setting such as “Require all new tasks being added to a project? Y or N”

For such flexible and decently designed software, it’s shocking this isn’t here already… definitely upvote.


+1 for this - mandatory and default values would be great to get soon


There needs to be the ability to make a field mandatory at the Project level. I wish to create a task at the ROADMAP level and have one of the fields mandatory (see attached screenshot), in order to force users to enter information in the field, but there does not seem to be a way to do this.


How do you write this rule? I don’t see a “not” function when writing rules.

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In the above example I have a single-select custom field called “Region”. In the rule I select “Region cleared” which means nothing has been selected.

So one example rule could be: Any task that is moved to a specific section, with no selection for the single-select custom field “region”, marked as complete triggers a rule that opens the task again, moves it to another section and assigns it.

That is just a quick example I created. You can also add comments and other things.

I hope that helps

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No response on this?

It’s difficult to understand but I think I grasp. Not being able to write if/then rules is… difficult. Thank you.

Okay just let me know in case you have further questions or need a video :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents

Making a Field mandatory will not solve the problem. Users will fill out the Field with anything, just to make sure its filled. If a user didn’t understand why it’s important to fill a field, they won’t understand it just because you make it mandatory.
Also, making a Field mandatory still requires someone to check if its filled right.

This is something thats best communicated/solved in a retro/ploanning/weekly meeting or

If you create a template (s) with preset drop down custom fields, then you have certain options to select from.

This will be a valuable feature. Please let us know the status

It’s 2023…

Required fields are a feature from the 1980’s…

I propose all development be halted and all engineers be put on this task…

Not having required fields in aggregate is probably costing millions of man hours globally in lost productivity.


You are a saviour! I am currently in Asana’s Dublin office, I went over to HR and they told they are currently creating a team with the code name LDTLI80, translates to “Let’s Do Things Like In The 80’s”. You should expect a call soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Absolutely a must have!
ALSO please make option for required to create OR required to complete.

Jumping in here - Please please have the option for custom fields to be a requirement before creating a task. This will really help solve so many of our problems with people on our team forgetting to select a field

Hi together,
is there any update on this? :slight_smile: Those anybody know if there will be a chance for this feature?
Thank you. :slight_smile:

@Jan_Weingart Asana does not communicate on its roadmap so we don’t know, sadly…

thank you. Would be worth a feature request :slight_smile:

Any update to this note?