Required field to be filled in before allowing a task to be "completed"

My team using Asana would love the feature of being able to mark a field as “mandatory to complete” before the task is able to be “Completed”.

We are trying to track different data points using a custom field in one of our projects, and many members are having difficulty remembering to fill out this field before completing the task.

It would be helpful to have a “required field” red box appear around the blank field when they press completed, just like the messages and box that appears when you leave a required field blank when filling out credit card information online. I would love to be able to have a check box to indicate if a field is a required field when adding a new custom field.

Nice idea, upvoting!

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Agreed! But not only once complete, I would also like to require and/or prompting a field being filled out before a task is closing.