Request: notify collaborators of a task on due date changes

When I assign a team member a task, I expect that I will become aware of any obstacles either when:

  • The team member comments on the task, which I’ll see in my Inbox, or
  • The team member lets it slip, and it shows up in my “Off Track” saved report.

Right now, I do not receive any notification when a team member postpones a task due date. This is bad–I use Asana as a tool to determine what my future self will know when. I put in a due date so I can tell when a task has gone off track, but if the due date is changed, I will not know it when I originally expected to.

This is related to: Push Notifications at 'Due Time', where it was mentioned in July, but there has been no further follow up.

Just discovered that if you are assigned a task dependent on a task whose due date changes, you get notified. That’s useful.