Feature request : Notify Collaborators when DUE DATE changes


We work a lot with collaborators (external or internal) and we share a lot of our tasks with them. However, these are not notified when the due date changes, in the majority of our projects the due date is a very important factor in our project cycle. The only way to get around this problem is to write a comment, or add a rule, however this is not practical because often the task assignee forgets to do so.

It would be great to add this functionality to Asana.

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Hello @_Hamza

This feature is currently available with rules.
You can create a rule that when a due date is changed to a task, a comment is added. The comment will hence notify collaboraters within the task.

Check this guide out: Rules • Asana

Hope this helps.


Hello @Rashad_Issa,

Thanks for your help. I’m aware of that alternative solution using rules, but it has the same issue, people forget to do it, and also you have to manually create a rule for each user, which is complicated.

Best regards.

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Hey @_Hamza,

You can automate the process and remove the issue with a workflow integration app such as Unito or Zapier. I think Unito would be more practical for you as the sync is bi-directional so it’s great for collaboration, Zapier is cheaper but it’s considerably longer to set up and it only syncs in one direction.

I hope his helps :slight_smile:

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