Notification for change of task due date

Asana notifies me in my inbox of any completed tasks, tasks assigned to me, comments, etc. I’m trying to find a way to receive inbox notifications when a team member changes the due date for a task. I;m finding that a team member can push off a task and I only find out if I happen to stumble upon it somehow.


You need to setup Rules using the Automation feature. See the Clock Master on The coolest Asana rules 😎

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This looks like a great potential fix. I just started a trial period of Business since I couldn’t create custom rules in Premium. Now that I’m here though, I can’t find that particular trigger. I found “Due date set” but I can’t find “due date changed”. Am I missing something? I’ve never used rules before, so it’s possible I’m missing something obvious. Thanks.

Are you sure it does not trigger when the date is changed? Changing the date is basically setting it to another value…

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I was making a mistake and now that I’m doing it right, it works just like you described it would. This will same me a lot of heartache. Thanks so much.