Reports with a specified time period

Hello, I am managing a portfolio of projects for a department in a large non profit organization. We would ideally not have to create a new portfolio every quarter to have summarized reporting. In order to pull reporting for each quarter it seems I would need to have a new project/portfolio created. Is there a way to input a certain time period for a dashboard? Ie. start of Q3-end of Q3 in order to have live date from only that time period

Thank you!

Hi @leah.buchanan , welcome to the forum :wave:

In your portfolio’s dashboard (or project’s dashboard) you would need to adjust each chart accordingly. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to adjust all charts at the same time.

To adjust each chart, click on the edit pencil icon (which shows up in the top right corner, when you hover over a chart), then click on ‘Add filter’ > Date > Due date (most likely, otherwise ‘completion date’ - it’s up to you):

Then adjust the filter dropdown to ‘Between’ and adjust to the dates of the quarter:

If you are on either the Premium, Business, Advanced or Enterprise tier, you could also use the Insights > Reporting to create a global dashboard:

Once you setup a Dashboard there, for a specific quarter, you can later on easily duplicate that dashboard, rename it the next quarter and edit each chart to reflect that quarter’s dates. That way you still retain a record of each quarter, available in it’s own dashboard, rather than essentially overwriting your project or portfolio dashboard each quarter. :wink: