Past Date Range in Reports

I just found out the Asana recently added time tracking! We have been paying for Everhour for years and it would have been great to receive an email from Asana about this new feature.

Anyhow, I am testing the reporting and ran into an issue: I cannot pull all hours by all assignees for a specific date range, let’s say last month. All reporting to be live reporting. Am I missing something?

I appreciate all the help!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Asana doesn’t email about new feature I believe but does show hints and dialog in the interface, you haven’t seen it? Fyi it has only been a few days, and only the core feature was released, we are still waiting on some fast-follows. Potentially those fast-follow include the reporting, I am not sure. Calling out super @Arthur_BEGOU for help, maybe he knows?

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Hi @Maher1 and thanks for your question,

Two questions, for me to try to reproduce

  • Are you talking “Estimated time” or “Actual time”? (or both?)

  • “pull all hours by all assignees” => are you looking for a total of all hours (just a number)? Or sub-total per assignee (like a chart)?

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I would say all of the above. Just in general I noticed that I am not able to pull reports based on time period in past. Say I want to pull all hours for all assignees(total or by member) in a given project or team for last month. I think this seems to be across the board.

Attached couple of examples of me testing out reporting on Actual time and Estimated time. Not sure if it is by design that Asana does not provide past reporting and only does live/current reporting. It seems to be the same for any other metric. Live reporting is great, but having access to past data is crucial. I see filter by Date, but it’s only in relation to task completion or creation date.

Hi @Maher1

If you click “+ Add Filter”, select “Date” > “Time Entered Date” > “Between” you can run this for a specific date range.

Can you confirm that what @Christine_Bolton has proposed is solving your issue ?

Thanks :wink:

The date filter only filters by Completion Date, Created Date, Due Date, etc… I doubt what Im looking for exists in Asana which is very strange.

Take Google Analytics for example. I can go to reports and select a date range to see all metrics. Similarly, I would like to pull a report in Asana on all time entries spent on a given client, team, or project or whatever for last month for example.

Google Analytics:


Once you click “Time Entered Date” another dropdown will populate for you to be able to select between.


Yup, I saw that option, but like I said looks like you cannot go back in Time. In this screenshot you can see that I am not able to filter by last month.

Thanks for all the help. I will go ahead and close this thread. I dont see a solution. This will have to build by Asana developers. I will look into adding a feature request.


You can manually enter time in the past or click the back arrows to look at that calendar for that month. It is weird that the drop down doesn’t let you choose a month in the past.

Nice! That worked, but my problem is that it uses the Date field as a primary query point vs using Date Range first, then give me everything including time entered on any task regardless of date created, date completed, due date, etc…


What would be your use case for this?

I am trying to replace Everhour :slight_smile: So I started by testing reporting in Asana on new time entries actual and estimated.

Ideally here are the steps I follow:

  1. Create a new report
  2. Start with a Period: Last Month
  3. Filters/Columns: Team Member/Assignee
  4. Teams, Projects, portfolios and/or tasks
  5. Total Number of Tasks worked on

Basically the above is the most basic report we currently do with Everhour + Asana. Everhour’s reporting capability is impressive but comes with a learning curve.


I see! You want to be able to see the number of tasks worked on vs the amount of time spent working on tasks. You’re right, this is not possible in Asana. I would suggest we close this topic & you create a Product Feedback to add the ability to see the task count of tasks that have time logged during a date range.

I agree Everhour has great reporting when it comes to the data that it pulls from Asana, but its major drawback is it’s lack of ability to create dashboards on that data.

Thanks for clarifying what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

If it’s ok with you, I would like to mark this as solved to provide visibility to other users looking for the date range feature in dashboards.