Asana Dashboards - Date Ranges

Hello! Is there a way in the Asana dashboards date ranges to select something more specific than just “within the last” or “within the next”? I would like to use the dashboard to show charts for a set period of time, for instance a fiscal year or by quarter. Appreciate any insight on this.

Hi @Comm_Projects, good question!

Currently, it is only possible to select “within the last” or “within the next” date ranges in Dashboard!

I’ll keep you posted if we have any updates to this! :slight_smile:

Any idea on the roadmap for dashboards and when this feature would be added? It seems very logical as users would want to customize the time periods of the charts.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any info on this right now but will keep you posted here if anything arises! :slight_smile:

I have the same frustration. I’m being asked to report retrospectively on projects over specified dates and so the ‘within the last/next’ range is useless. I need to be able to enter exact dates. This fix would greatly improving Asana’s reporting capabilities.

Hello @RMB and @Comm_Projects

Check out this post and upvote it please. I believe I am talking about the same issue here.

Many thanks!

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Thanks for sending this over, I just voted for it!

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Thanks for sharing this thread @Rashad_Issa :clap:t2:

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