Reporting up the org chart

My manager is not using asana and does not fully comprehend the complexity of my days and the value I bring to the organization. This applies to my team as well.

Asana should provide a report that summarizes the activity, all the tasks completed, and the updates to each task within the prescribed date. This report would provide a non-asana person a beautiful summary of each day, showing all progress made within the team.

To make this even better, asana users would be provided a simple area to write notes. This note feature can be opened throughout the day to journal the key efforts and ideas that need to be captured to create context for the day. These notes would be included in the aforementioned report, providing a narrative for the day, to give the reader a clear picture of accomplishments and challenges faced during that day.

What a resource!

It may seem like an old fashion idea, but some of us employees need to justify our worth. Part of my middle-manager philosophy is to provide a daily summary of efforts, to be read by my manager, skimmed, or ignored, providing them with invaluable access to my efforts.

Maybe there will be feedback here as to how to achieve this without a new feature added.

Hi @Danny_Jones and welcome to the community forum :wave:.

Actually a lot of what you are describing can be achieved through universal reporting (Reporting • Asana) or through specific reports/diagrams regarding tasks completed within a certain timeframe (e.g. by teammember) or other reports. You can set them up within the dashboard-tab of each project (Using charts on project Dashboards to track progress | Product guide • Asana). You can also use the status report within the overview tab of a project to give a written update of everything that you and your team have achieved like you described (How to track progress on a Project in Asana| Product guide • Asana). Those updates and reports can be shared with your superiors so they have visibility about what is going on.


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