Reporting: 'This Month' date filter

Hi, I would like to be able to filter my dashboards to include tasks with due dates in this month. This is currently only possible, if I use the “between” option. However, this is not sustainable as I would need to change the date filter in all charts each month using this method. Therefore, it would be great if you expanded the date filter, so it’s possible to include dates that are both ahead and have been passed (e.g. ‘This month’).

Another potential solution, would be to create a ‘master filter’, which can filter all graphs instantaneously which makes it manageable to change the date filter each month. This could be a product request in itself^



I would add same thing to apply to ‘Today’ instead of within the past 24 hrs which is not always ideal!


Hi Ambassadors,

I’ve been working on creating some fancy dashboards for my team. And I’ve noticed a missing feature. I’m unable to filter tasks from “This month” (Custom field total widget). Would this be possible to implement?


In this example I just want to see Tasks completed “This month”. Right now this option isn’t available, and I have to manually change the dates for each report. I hope you can imagine that something like this is a lot of work if you have a team of 27 people.


Also I would like to hear from other Ambassadors how they have been using the Global Reports? Curious to hear your suggestions for nice KPI’s to show. Here’s what I got so far, let me know what you think:

Curious enough, the line graph widget does have the “this month” filter, could this be added to the other widgets as well?

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As this is a great feedback, I’ve merged to the existing one (noticing that you commented on the topic as well).
Please vote so that the Asana product team gets aware of it.


Please see also and vote for this related feedback request I added a long time ago: