Multiple filter conditions in dashboard and overall dashboard filter

For each project I’ve a dashboard and I’ve to compute some metrics that we usually measure per month.
for example, i would like to have all the “estimated work” (a custom field) for all the people in the project within the current month.
the query is then that due_date within the month OR done_date within the month … moreover would be very helpful to have the filter at dashboard level for which i can change the filtering for all the chart present.

is any of this things possible to do?

Hello @Stefano_Tranquillini,

if you have a numeric custom field for estimated work then this is how you could set up the graph:

As far as I understood that seems to be what you are looking for?

Yes and no. It implies that Due Date is correctly set, but what if something is past due?
what I need is “done within the month OR due_date within the month” .
If a task was due the 28/10 but done the 03/11 it should be counted in November.
In your solution it will be counted in October.
Howerver, it may work as a solution.

Problem: is there a quick way to say within the current month? or do I’ve to go back and change the chart?

I see, so how about then referring to the Asana metadata field “Completed On” and using that? To ensure all tasks that are complete are actually marked as such your team will have to ensure they do so + you could add some rules as well to ensure this is done.


But completed is just ONE of the two. i need to add another condition if the DUE DATE is within the month.

but apparently there’s no possibility to have a condition on 2 different dates and an OR conjunction