Allow date tokens in advanced search fields, reporting/dashboards, and rules

Permit the use of tokens for dates (similar to “me” for Assignee) in advanced search, reporting/dashboards, and rules.

With that feature, you could use the “Between” option specifying something like:

  • Between “today” and “next month”, or
  • Between “today-30” and “today+30”

and not have to change your parameters day-to-day.



That would be awesome! Especially since editing a report creates a new one, having a report based on “today” would be great.

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Agreed, that would be very helpful, @lpb.

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Is there a way to have the filter in Charts for making Reports to only filter tasks that has due date within the last month? It always includes tasks under the current month whenever i choose ‘within the last month’ I prefer that as I don’t like to keep changing the months every month whenever i choose ‘between’

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I wish for this too and created a request for it a while ago.

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