Reporting on projects - Asana plan coverage mistake ?

In this documentation we can read : Creating charts on project metadata is available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.

I understand that in the legacy tiers, this functionality is available from Asana Business, and now only from Asana Enterprise.

But… I see that on an Asana Advanced account, it is possible to use reporting on projects. So I think the documentation needs to be fixed, if not can you give me more explanations?

Thanks !

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Funny you should mention this, @Cyril-iDO, because I discovered the same thing last week and worked with Asana to get it corrected.

As of earlier today, the doc was updated, so now if you go here you’ll see “Advanced” is included now:

There are actually three places in that one doc that this applies to: Reporting on Projects, Goals, and Portfolios. All are now updated.



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