Reporting Dashboard: Project Status based charts (On track, at risk, off track)

I am working with the new Reporting functionality that was introduced this week. We are actively using status updates in our projects and I would love the capability to do the following:

X-Axis: Project Status (On Target, At Risk, Off Track, …)
Y-Axis: Project Count

Is there any way to do this? It appears that the X-Axis is limited to labels, think projects, custom fields, statuses but I cant find the Asana Owned Project Status field.

The Y-Axis appears to be limited to TASK based measures. So any number field at the task level, not at the project or portfolio level

Is my understanding correct? Is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

Hi @Fabian_Delgado, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! I’ve gone ahead and noted this for our Product team.

Hopefully this is something they can implement in the future :rocket:

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Great point @Fabian_Delgado

Upvoted this feature too. Meanwhile, in case you are not aware, you can obtain this information from the portfolio reporting.
I have added a screen shot to show you what info you get when you review a certain portfolio.

Hope this helps a bit!


Upvoted for our team as well. We have custom fields at the project level and “project count” is really needed as a reporting option. For example, we have a portfolio for open projects. Within that portfolio we have a custom field “Deliverable Type” then some of the drop down options include brochure, video, web banner, 3D Illustration, etc. We need to be able to report how many projects in a portfolio or team there are by deliverable type. We also have a “Client” custom field at the project level and want to be able to report how many open projects there are by client. These are just a couple of many reporting examples that would be valuable to our business.

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Yes, I use this view @Rashad_Issa pointed out all of the time. It’s extremely helpful to me in managing my projects daily! However, management wants to view data reported on “project count” in charts on a dashboard for an at-a-glance experience. They’ve been pushing me for months on this and have not been thrilled that Asana falls short in this area. The addition of universal reporting will help me appease them as long as “project count” can be added as an option relatively soon.

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So glad to hear you use the portfolio reporting.
I totally agree, there is a ligit user case for reporting on numbers of projects and their status… Thanks for upvoting!

@Rashad_Issa not sure if you are pointing out the Portfolio feature itself or the ability to submit a Progress update for a Portfolio. The Progress section has some embedded reporting that might suit the needs of the original post.

That said, as soon as I saw the launch of Universal Reporting I got overly excited because I thought we could report on custom field data applied to projects (not tasks) via Portfolio, as others have described above. I hope to see this functionality in V2. It is would really elevate our leadership reporting!

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Exactly @LEGGO
This has to be (hopefully in V2.0). You are right the feature I was referring to is what gives a bit of visibility to the status of the portfolio and the various status of projects within a portfolio and their different milestones. So it is not quiet the full requirement, but a temporary workaround it until universal reporting gets the full swing :pray:t3:

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Yep yep! Y’all got my upvote!

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