Repeating tasks shown twice in Calendar view of My Tasks

Hi Asana community,

I noticed that in the Calendar view of My Tasks, repeating tasks are shown twice: once in a dedicated section above the rest of the tasks, and once in the regular list of tasks (see the attached screenshot).

Does anyone know why it’s displayed like this?

(It is not a duplicate task. If I complete one of them, both are marked as completed.)

Screenshot 2022-11-14 at 10.23.58

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Danny_Harrington!
And sorry for the late response, it seems your post got missed.

Regarding this task does it just have a due date or a range of a few days for example?
Does it have a due time added?
When you open both tasks the same url shows in the browser correct?
The calendar you are looking at is from a project view or team view?

Hi @Andrea_Mayer. No problem at all.

I just checked my Asana board again, and now I’m not seeing the task twice…

Not sure what was going on before, but I guess it’s solved now!

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