Repeatable Tasks with subtask dates and dependencies that inherit Due dates relative parent task

I am running into a frustration with due dates for repeated tasks:

As an in the above example. I have a task that contains subtasks assigned to different people. I want the task to repeat on Monday every 2 weeks. The due date range is always Monday to Thursday. I am able to set the task on repeat and everything is just fine at the main task level.

The problem begins when trying to assign dates and dependencies to the subtasks(see picture above)

The subtask dates are not set as relative to the new dew dates, so the other subtasks are showing up as late once the new Task is created for all the members. Why can’t subtask due dates be relative to the parent task for repeating tasks?

I know that Templates sort of have this function but that means that I would have to manually use the template to create the task on the same day of every week in order for everything to work with all of the dependencies i have added (See picture above)

Is there something in the pipeline as a solution for this? There is no point in having repeating main tasks if the due dates for subtasks aren’t going to be correct when the main task repeats.

Hi @Zach_Bunner welcome to the community.

Yep it’s a frustration that alot of us have come across.

In short For recurring Tasks the dates and assignee don’t change each time the Parent task recurrs.

There are a number posts that help explain and give advise on how to work around this. Here are some of them.

Hope this helps you out…



Thanks @Jason_Woods. I am glad to see that there is at least discussion about this. However I am not seeing if there is anyway to work around this currently… @Marie not that I need any dates, but is there something that will address this in the works?

There isn’t any real work around.

From a fix perspective I don’t believe there is anything in the pipeline…

Would suggest re review the first post and look at restructuring your use of SubTasks and Projects



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