Reordering Tasks Due Today In The Order You Want To Complete Them

A lot of people including myself just in Asana with the list sorted by Due Date.

The problem is you can’t reorder the tasks due today in the order you want to complete them. They are ordered randomly. This seems illogical and an easy fix for Asana but it hasn’t been fixed and I think it’s because it’s not the way Asana intends you to use it.

The correct way to do this as Asana intended is to create a new section called Today.

Select all the tasks that are due today by holding down Ctrl or Shift and selecting multiple roles. Then moving them in bulk to the Today section.

Now if you Sort by None and view the Section Today you can reorder the list.

After all just because something is due today or next week it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to complete it today or not.

Hello @stefan7, welcome to the Asana Forum,
I have set my sorting option on none and I use rules to move task to Today (actualy it is section “:vertical_traffic_light:New to triage[5]”) - task with due date → today. I use another sections like “waiting - meeting” when I want to keep on eye on tasks but I can’t complete it.

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