Reoccurring Tasks - Immediately showing back up for next occurance, once completed



We have reoccurring tasks for every single list we have. A ton of work has gone into setting up these lists. Basically, every task we have within these lists have to reoccur. I understand that as soon as you click done it comes up right again and you have to watch the date. The issues that our whole team is having is that they think it didn’t work so they keep clicking or they are trying to print out a list or even just look at a list for what is done and it doesn’t easily or accurately give you what has to be done coming up. I’m so hoping there is a way around this or an improvement in the works. I can use templates, but I would basically have to reload every list again each year and compare with any additions from completed tasks. I’m crossing my fingers you have an easy fix because I can’t imagine anyone would like to see reoccurring items the second after you complete them. Thank you for your help!


Hi @Amanda_Dickinson

I might have the solution. If you go into the Hacks section in your profile settings, there’s one for pushing recurring tasks to Later:

Since Later is usually collapsed, your team won’t be able to see those tasks reappear, and the tasks will still graduate to Upcoming and Today as normal, based on due date.

I hope that helps!


Hi @Mark_Hudson

Thank you for this help! I do have that turned on, my issue is that if you’re working within a project list. If you have the item done, it shows up again so it’s hard to tell what is really left to do. Do you know any tricks for them to not show up in the project itself until its due date approaches?


Oh, sorry. I thought it was in My Tasks rather than the project itself. I don’t know of any way to have recurring tasks hidden until their due date approaches.

The only solution I can think of is maybe to use a tag or custom field that reads, for example, ‘incomplete’. Whenever one of your team is about to complete the task, they could either change the the custom field to ‘complete’, or remove the tag, then tick off the task itself. I’m assuming that when the task resets, the field/tag resets too, so they’d always be able to see at a glance which ones hadn’t yet been completed. It’s only one extra click, so not to onerous.

Actually, that does seem a tad complex when I’ve typed it up, but I don’t very often use recurring tasks and I’m struggling to think of another way round!

Does that sound vaguely helpful?


I have the same issue. We have a big educational meeting each year with 100s of tasks to accomplish. I set up everything to reoccur since we do it every year. Now my dashboard is a mess because it never shows a project complete because a new task is recreated as soon as the old one is done so it always shows incomplete tasks. The project list is a mess because the new task appears right below the completed task since we built ours in sections. As least you can see both tasks so you know one is for the next year. I tried a print of the project under the export tab and they both show up and there is no year on the print so that is a mess too. I am thinking now of turning off all the reocurrence and instead copying the project with dues dates - renaming it 2019 XXX and then archive the project so it is hidden on the task bar since that bar is already unmanagable with all the tasks we all have and then unarchiving it at the beginning of the next year. I haven’t tested what that will do to what shows up under my tasks… but hopefully it would show up under a new section called 2019 XXX and list the tasks there… Anyone try this???

It seems Asana did not think through how reoccuring tasks would work!