Removing Team Members

Hi, I’m going to be setting up clients on Asana. If I sign up under my name and then add my client and team members, can I then leave the team when I stop working with them?

So essentially, they would still keep the Asana account? I don’t see any admin features here so curious if this will work. Or do I have to have my client sign up under their name/email in order to keep everything once I leave?

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Hi @Amanda_Leonardo :wave:and thank you for reaching out!

Yes, you can create the Organization, create the Teams and add your clients. You can then leave the Organization by following these steps: Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana

If you are the only Administrator of the Organization, make sure there are other Administrators. before you leave the Organization. You can learn more in the following Guide article: (scroll down to “Administration”)

I hope this helps! Please, let me know if you have any follow-up questions! :slight_smile:


Ok, great. thank you!