How do I (the admin) leave a team?

I created a team with me as the only person. Now I want to remove me from the team. How does that work?

Hi @Rene_Wynands and welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t3:

You can leave this team from the team settings:

And if you’re the only member of the team and not planning to use it, you can even delete it from there!

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

Hi @Marie, thanks for your answer. From the team settings I can remove everybody else, but not me, since I am the creator of that team.

I want to get rid of the team in the left column, but I don’t want to delete the team.

@Rene_Wynands, do you mind giving me the name of this team?

The Name of the team is “testteam”.

The problem applies to all of the teams that I have created and of which I am the only remaining member. We give teams the names of the customers for whom the team works. We want to archive all projects of this team, although the team has any members left. how can we achieve this?

Got you @Rene_Wynands!

As it stands, if you’re the last member of a team, you can delete it, but you can’t leave it as a team can’t leave without at least one user.

In your specific case, I’d recommend moving it (using drag and drop) to the very bottom of your sidebar to avoid seeing it too much, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to cast your vote on this other thread from our forum Option To Archive Teams!